The State Bar of California is considering several changes to make the attorney discipline system more effective, efficient, and fair.

These changes are proposed by the Ad Hoc Commission on the Discipline System

What do you think of the recommendations?

The State Bar established the Ad Hoc Commission on the Discipline System in November 2020 to assess ways to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness of California’s attorney discipline system.

The commission developed recommendations in six areas, with four of the key action items highlighted below. In developing its wide-ranging recommendations, the commission addresses the challenge of having a discipline system that both effectively protects the public and is fair to attorneys facing discipline.

Why we need your views Your feedback is valuable and is important to the State Bar’s mission of public protection.

Discipline Costs and Sanctions

Should discipline costs—which disciplined attorneys must pay to return to practice—be lowered to bring California in line with other states?

Early Neutral Evaluation Conferences

Should attorneys facing discipline for criminal convictions be able to settle their cases through a judicial evaluation, as do other attorneys facing discipline?

Attorney Discipline on State Bar Website and Expungement of Discipline Records

Should the State Bar establish timelines to clear the slate on old attorney disciplinary history (except for disbarments)?

Attorney Representation

Should attorneys facing discipline be given more access to appointed counsel when they can’t afford to hire their own lawyer?